Friday, March 9, 2012

Craft fair craziness

Sorry y'all. I had to postpone the giveaway. I've been so crazy lately. It first started with a family emergency we had with my husband. We were in the hospital for 4 days. After lots of tests, time, energy, and tears, we finally found out he has a gluten allergy. This has been a CRAZY change in our lives. Our son has a nut allergy. While I thought that was difficult, that's NOTHING compared to a gluten-free diet. Store bought items are expensive. Restaurants either don't have it, have no clue what gluten even is, have 1-2 items, or are more expensive as well. We are learning to cope with it, and it is becoming easier day by day. He's doing good so far! 

We did take a mini getaway to Chicago to try to calm our lives down for a bit. A friend let us use a Groupon she got for this quaint hotel in the city that was ADORABLE. We took the city bus, walked the magnificient mile, ate at Chipotle (we don't have one of those close by, and it's super gluten-free!), and bought shoes and socks for a homeless guy. It was a good time, and a breath of fresh air. 

After I got back, a friend told me about a local craft fair. I'm all about doing those, but the thing was--it was in a week. And I had barely anything on hand. We also found out that a fellow mom friend of ours lost her 3 year old in his sleep, completely unexpectedly this week. We're putting together lots of fundraisers, auctions, etc. for it. 

SO--with the all the family craziness and preparation for the craft fair, I had to put off the giveaway. I'll start getting things together for it next week, I promise. :) Thank you guys for bearing with me <3 

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