Monday, March 12, 2012

Refinishing fun

I love refinishing furniture. It's easy, and it makes me feel accomplished. I did one last night that I *love*. It was a night stand in this old furniture set that we've had sitting around forever. I'll post step by step of what I did. 
Here it is when we got it (for free, of course!)
It had already been stripped, which made it pretty easy for me. It has this weird piece of tile something or other on top of it too. 
So first, I just got some $.96 white spray paint from Walmart. Quality, folks. I sprayed about 3 coats on it. Let it dry about 5 minutes in between each coat. 

After that, I took a fine grade sandpaper to it to distress it a little bit. Not too much though. 

After that dried, I wanted to do something with that weird tile piece on top. So I got went through my gazillion fabrics and found one I liked, and cut it to fit the top. 

I got a sponge brush, my mod podge. Yes, I make my own mod podge. It's super easy, and way cheaper, and works just as good. Just mix 1/2-2/3 part Elmer's glue to 1/2 part water. Shake it up, and you have mod podge. SO. I just brushed some podge over the tile piece evenly, and laid the fabric across it. I also podged on top of it as well. Be sure to get all the edges good as well. This will need to dry overnight. The next day, you're ready for the next step. 

Spray the fabric with a couple coats of polyurethane clear coat. That will dry fairly quickly too. I had to get a knob, because this one was a weird, ugly one that was just glued on. A drill through the drawer and a cheap knob fixed that problem. And you're done! 

Stand~ $0
Paint~ $1
Clear coat~ $3
Fabric ~ <$1
Mod Podge~ <$1
Sponge Brush~ $1
Knob~ $3
Sandpaper~ $2
Total~ $12 (most of which I already had on hand)
Total time~ about an hour
Before and after:

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